Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major: Early morning visitor, after feasting on peanuts wedged in the bark of overlooking larch trees by the nuthatches, the Woodpecker will take any peanuts left on the bird table from the previous day. Most years a pair has nested in the small woods to the North of our Kitchen Garden, so we have seen the comings and going all summer, including first flight of the fledglings.

18.0.11 Very lucky woodpecker. To get to the birdfeeder, the woodpeckers fly from a stand of larch 40′ away. In their usual flight style they drop below the feeder, flicking up at the last moment to grab onto the wire. A fledging landed on the feeder, followed by a crash on the window as a large brown shape slid down the window from a point where the woodpecer would have been if it hadn’t flipped up to the feeder. By time we got to the window the large brown bird was disappering across top of hedgerow. Probably a Peragrine…previously taken birds from bird table and active taking rabbits earlier in the year.

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