House Sparrow

House Sparrows Passer domesticus: fifteen years ago there were no sparrows to be seen in the garden, but as the ivy has grown up the side of the house they appeared. The first pair nested (I’m reading from margin notes in my battered copy of “The Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe”), in the summer of 1999 and the colony
now numbers about fifteen to twenty individuals. They seem to regard the bird table as their communal meeting place and even when no food is in evidence they peck hopefully at the bare wood. In the winter of 2009 we cut back a large clump of bamboo threatening to take over part of the garden and storms brought down the ivy on the side of the house. This was sparrow city, and the colony decamped. Individuals to a maximum of three or four visit, even during th cold winter of 2010/11

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