Magpie Pica pica: Although quite a number seem to nest and roost in our top wood, they rarely come to the bird table except in the depths of winter. It may be that the bird table being close to the house makes them very wary, when on the table they are easily startled by movement in the house that the smaller birds seem to not notice. I enjoy the sound of their raucous calls in the woods and wonderful plumage. Get really annoyed at the half baked ‘countryfolk’ beloved of local tv news producers, who give forth on the need to control no’s cos increasing magpie no’s is causing loss of songbirds as magpies take songbird eggs & young. COINCIDENCE & CAUSATION are not the same. Farming practices, makeover decking/hardsurface gardens & removal of shrubberies together with the domestic moggy pose by far the biggest risk to song birds.

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