Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata: Most summers that we have been here Spotted Flycatchers have nested in the ivy clad walls outside the kitchen. They will sit on the washing line after launching themselves to catch a flying insect, and then land back on the line. The line vibrates and sways from the launch and landing, but the Flycatcher is able to keep its head in the same relative position. In 2006 the Flycatchers did not nest in the House garden, but there were two new nest sites in the kitchen garden and at least two other sites in the woods. The kitchen garden nests both appeared to have two broods. The young of one of the nests lined up on an 11,000kv overhead line, a perch that does not sway, but obviously a good vantage point for spotting flying insects (poor pun). Saw one on low foliage of beech outside library window, lunchtime, 31.05.11.

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