Jackdaw Corvus monedula: When we first moved to Trevina in 1991 there was a large colony of Jackdaws in and around the adjoining derelict farm buildings, (along with regularly nesting Barn Owls). When the barns were converted in 1996 the Jackdaws moved out. We had a couple of pairs nest in our roof until 2001 when I blocked the holes. We still have to light fires in the bedrooms to discourage Jackdaws from taking up residence en masse in our chimneys. The colony has decamped across the valley to Trevenna , they still come in ones or twos to check out the bird table and our chimneys, mostly early morning. Spring 2010 had to rescue jackdaw that had fallen down one of the bedroom chimneys…heard rustling, shone torch & pair of eyes staring back. Spring 2011, pair nesting in barn owl nest box in next door barn conversion.

09.07.11 The family of jackdaws from the barn owl box have fledged,  parents and at least three young on front lawn making a right rucus. One of the young had a very lucky escape, we’ve been freshening up the end bedroom (don’t go in there often…had ceiling collapsed in there for a while before we noticed a few years ago), anyway heard rustling in chimney. With torch could make out a foot at side of old curtain stuffed up chimney to stop drafts. Carefully extracted curtain and tangled Jackdaw…..camera was down in library, having not had it ready to take pic of Green Woodpecker. Anyway, the young                 

Imagine the Jackdaw entangled in old curtain.

Jackdaw let loose out of the window to rejoin the rest of its family. So here’s the fireplace after the event, imagine the Jackdaw entangled in an old curtain:

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