Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos: The RSPB A-Z guide of UK Birds has a map that excludes Cornwall from the range of Nightingales. We have listened to the recording on the RSPB site, and that is most definitely what we hear every May/June evenings from the Beech Tree in our garden. However, whilst not having seen one in the garden, Sue’s sister lives in the village of Lewannick, some eight miles away across the moor (two Parishes as the crow flies!), and we have not only heard but also seen a nightingale singing in her garden perched on an electricity line. It was a very dull overcast evening, 7 pm 14th June 2006. So we stand by our interpretation of late night summer bird song as being a nightingale. As a note, the first nightingale I ever heard was in a wooded garden of a friends house at Trebetherick on the Camel Estuary back in 1992, and that is even further west than us. Our daughter, Heloise at age 13, took exception to being woken by the dulcit tones of a nightingale singing outside her bedroom window and woke the entire house by opening the window and shouting in response “don’t you know what time it is you stupid bird”, at the same age she had the same approach to the tawny that took evening residence in the beech tree outside her window. 14th May 2011, one singing in large lilac bush overhanging main Mevagissey car park, 9.45pm, OK, I know its not at Trevina, but worth mentioning.

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