“Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew”Bernard Hare (Sociology/Anthropology)

An essential read for the bigoted ‘Daily Mail’ readers who write vitriolic comments decrying degenerate youth culture. These kids are a very small minority and many of them are one person crime waves that would be ‘sorted’ with more ‘Chop’ Hares than exclusions, asbos and all the other bollocks that Jack (dodgy donations) Straw or Galaxy Quest Theresa can come up with. Nearly contemporaniously with the start point of the book, we were professional foster parents in Yorkshire doing assessments of difficult to place teenagers in care, aka the shed crew and their like. Bernard Hare’s description of the care system is accurate at that point in time, we quit after ten years of beating our heads against a brick wall. BH’s description of the attitude and behavour of ‘scuffers’ is almost sympathetic, in our experience, they are often the scum that should be locked up and the key thrown away! This should be an essential read for anyone wanting to understand street kids and ‘gang’ sub culture that so excites much of the press.

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