Drive my car.


Some years ago, a dear friend who had just lost her husband asked us to go with her to a live gig at ‘The Globe Inn’ in Lostwithiel. As she only lives a five minute walk away from the Globe, we drove to her house, left the car there and walked to the pub. Now anyone who has been to a live gig at the Globe knows it would be heaving, so just some cash in pockets, and my bulky bunch containing car keys, I put them on H’s front room coffee table, Both Sue & H saw me do it.

Arrived back at the witching hour, coffee and head for home. Sue the dedicated driver…”You picked up the keys?” “No”. No one been in the house since we went out, no animals to knock keys off the table. Hunt high and low. Spare key at home, Sue only had house key in handbag!

Agreed H take us home (she hadn’t had a drink either), sample some single malts, stay over and collect our car in the morning. H opens her front door in the morning, walk along the passage past the front room, there on the coffee table my keys. On the mantle shelf a smiling photo of H’s late husband, who was always reminding her not to forget her keys………

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