Poached Crayfish

Further up our little valley, hidden in some overgrown woodland is the remains of a Medieval fish pond still sporting two good sized bodies of water. There are a couple of dry hollows further down the valley (we have one), the remains of more ponds, but they have no water

The pond is a great place to see otters & herons. But also home to an insidious alien invader, Pacifastacus leniusculus otherwise known as signal crayfish: http://tinyurl.com/7wpzjl2

Indeed, I suspect the attraction of the pond to otters & herons is in no small part due to the presence of the signal crayfish, remnants of otter meals can be found along the stream banks & around the pond.

There are Companies who for a fee will clear your pond/lake of crayfish…apparently a market for fresh caught crayfish. Or, with an Environment Agency Licence, a few traps and a pack of cheap bacon, you can catch your own and have fresh poached crayfish.

So armed with your licence, traps and some cheap bacon off we go. Of course you must have the landowner permission, otherwise that would be poaching (even if no one else is taking them, and they are an illegal alien).

Cast your nets

Haul them in

Literally by the bucket full

A day in fresh water to ‘flush’

Scary monster


Red as a Lobster

…and serve, poached crayfish

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