Wildlife at Trevina

Bird Watching

Here at Trevina, in a secluded wooded valley, we are very lucky for a vast aray of birds visitng the garden, orchards, meadows and woods. In fact, the amount of different birds just visiting the bird tables and feeders is so different to what you might expect in villages and towns.

Personally, we are what you might call, through the window bird-table bird watchers (well actually three foot from the dinning room window); so anyone can enjoy a spot of bird watching whilst eating your breakfast at Trevina.

Common visitors to the bird tables that you might see include: the usual suspects of cheaky House Sparrows which consider the table their own, a variaty of different Tits (several nesting groups in the garden), Chaffinch, Blackbirds, Robins, a Nuthatch pair who are regular visitors and suffer no others whilst they feed, Great Spotted Woodpeckers area early morning visitors collecting peanuts and wedging them into the bark of an overlooking tree for another day, and my all time personal favourite a pair of Jays are regular visitors.

For a full list of Bird Table visitors and Garden birds take a look at Wildlife Section of the Blog.

Within the garden there are many other visitors who are a little more shy of the table but can be seen clearly from the window or from the patio. Outside the Master Bedroom window, above the dining room, there is a long wired bird feeder. With the exception of the magpies most of the of the smaller birds & woodpeckers  visit our bedroom window, either on the  the sill or the feeder.

Beyond the garden hedge and wall are open grass fields with ‘Cornish hedges’ to the north and east. To the south and east, down into a deep valley, are the rest of our grounds, some twelve acres of woods, glades and meadows. Not only do we see all the garden birds, but many others.

With all the woodland around us, it is not surprising that we often see a Goshawk in the woods and in the meadows a Heron frequently visits the springs and bogs to fish for frogs whilst a Peregrine perching above the orchard keeps an eye out for Wood Pigions.

Along the roadsides and hedgerows Quails can be seen, a new addition to our bird sightings, and Kestrels work along the bank, hovering every once in awhile.

In the evenings Barn Owl can be seen hunting over the surrounding meadows and on summer evenings Nightjars fly along the hedge row at the back of the house. Little Owl in the lane at night and will fly ahead of the car in the headlights with their distinctive undulating flight, until a gap in the overhanging hedges allow an escape.

Though you may not see them Cuckoos are our harbinger of Spring, here on Bodmin Moor, the first cuckoo is usually heard around the 16/17th April, and no summer is complete without the sound of the Skylark ascending.

For full details of all the birds and other wildlife spotted so far in and around Trevina, take a look through our ‘Wildlife’ blog pages. Maybe ear-mark the ones you would like to come and see…

Other Wildlife

One oftern hears of gardeners suffering vandalism and as organic gardeners we suffer more than our fair share. Badgers each year assist us in digging our potatoes, deer prune our orchard trees (not when or where it is needed) and thrushes and blackbirds eat our rasberries.

Trevina and the local areas is teaming with wildlife everywhere you look and the patient and quiet visitor could have the oportunity to see some very shy idividuals, including badgers, otters and deer.

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