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OK,  so we all flick through the inflight magazine or look wistfully out of the window whilst the cabin crew do their confined space aerobic exercise. So what makes these further ramblings little more than a have  to post for insurance purposes and/or as a shield against bottom feeders of the legal profession? Well, we are all more likely to have an accident at home or on holiday than be on a plane ditching at sea or crash landing. So humour me for a couple of minutes, it might well prevent a happy stay turning sad, or worse.

Emergency Services & Location

In the unlikely event that 999 or 112 (from mobile) emergency services need to be called the Location description is:

Trevina House, St Neot. North  of Goonzion Downs, East of the A30/A38 linkroad, turning towards Trevenna and continue down the hill.

Grid Reference: SX179691

Google Map link:

Useful ‘Urgent’ Telephone Nos & Addresses

Cornwall Out of Hours GP Service, Monday to Friday 6.30pm – 8.00am  & 24hours a day at weekends & bankholidays: 0845 200227

Out of Hours Emergency Dental Services for Cornwall, Monday to Thursday 5pm – Midnight, Friday 4.30pm – Midnight, Weekends 8am – Midnight: 01872 354375

Minor Injuries Unit, Liskeard Community Hospital, Location: 7 days a week inc. Bank Holidays: 01579 335278

In the event of Fire               

In the event of a fire, evacuate the house as quickly as possible via one of the 5 external doors. Where appropriate keys are hung on hook at side of door. An emergency ‘throw out’ window ladder is located under the window shelf in the back en suite bedroom.

The independent smoke alarms & CO alarms are tested before each new letting.

Safety & comfort in the House & Cottage

Water Temperature: As water heating is via solid fuel stove/range, hot water can be very hot.  Please check  temperature of baths/showers before immersing oneself.

Floors: Trevina & Housekeeper’s Cottage are old. Throughout the house & cottage are a number of small changes in floor level….between the main house & cottage and the first floor family bathroom. The slate & wooden floors can be cold on stockinged feet (as well as slippery) and we suggest guests wear non slip footwear indoors.

Outside: Gardens & Grounds

Many visitors from Cities & Towns will consider themselves ‘streetwise’ in navigating safely around their urban environment. The Countryside has a whole different set of considerations. The following are not exhaustive and relate mostly to our land, but bearing the following points in mind will hopefully add to our guests enjoyment & safety.

Garden Paths & Woodland tracks:

in the garden we have a wonderful selection of ‘Victorian’ cobble paths & courtyard, an alpine slate patio & granite steps. Whilst these give access to the scents & colours of our cottage gardens, they are uneven & in wet weather can be slippery. Whilst crampons, harnesses & ropes are not necessary, care is needed at all times.

Venture onto the trackways in our woods in damp weather we would recommend wellies or stout walking boots,  at all times.

Water: We have a couple of brick cisterns in the garden that are stocked with fish & waterlilies. Small children are rightly fascinated by the world of wonder beneath the glassy surface. But the cisterns are deep & full of intertwined water weed.

In our woods there are a number of natural ponds & spring heads that are deceptively deep. The brook along the valley bottom in our woods can look the picture of a summer afternoon, but after heavy rain it will become a raging torrent that will take your feet away should you venture in.

Long grass: We have many wild & untamed corners, where in the early morn or a quite afternoon, you may, if lucky, spot a roe deer, a red deer or even a muntjack. However, where there are deer there are ticks. Ticks can be vectors for a nasty bacterial infection called Lymes disease. A simple precaution, when venturing into the woods or wild places, try to minimise bare flesh coming into contact with the undergrowth where ticks lurk waiting for their next meal.

Our woods are home to many cold blooded critters, mostly harmless..grass snakes, green lizards, slow worms, frogs, toads & adders. They will all attempt to slither or hop away on your approach, but on a hot summers day you may chance on a soporific adder taking in the sun. Give it the respect it deserves, they can & do bite, find another spot to sit down.

Trees: They can & do shed branches or even fall down, albeit very rarely. The only advice to minimise risk of injury is not to walk or sit or park cars under any overhanging trees.

Beyond our Property: Access to any other land is only available via Public Footpaths, Land subject to Right to Roam or with the land owners permission.

Children should be supervised at all times.


We carry the usual public liability insurance. We cannot however accept liability for loss or damage to personal belongings of guests. Cars are parked on the property at their owners own risk & the Proprietors can accept no liability for loss or damage however so caused.

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