Cornwall is a beautiful County full of history, nature, activities and that Cornish magic. There is so much to see and do here that it can be a daunting task deciding on what to do first. So, we have put together a list of some of our highlights of Cornwall, the things that, when we are having a ‘holiday at home’, we go to see, and some of them are real hidden gems.

The roads in Cornwall can get busy in the summer so our advice is that if you are heading to some of the popular attractions set out early and plan to spend the whole day in the area to get the most out of your trip. There are always other attractions near by and many places, like Eden will sell tickets which include other attractions at a discount.

So, you’ve booked your holiday at trevina and now you want to plan your days out, well, timing is we’ve listed activities by their times from trevina, bearing in mind that these times are subjective, and depend on who’s driving. The following is not by any means a comprehensive gazetteer, rather places we visit ourselves and take our family & guests. For more attractions that we fully recommend check out our Cornwall Guide Blog Posts.

Very Local – 5-15 minutes in the car (and some immediately if walking)

There is lots to see and do right on your doorstep here, and all within a few minutes in the car….

St Neot Village: A pretty little rural Cornish village,winner of both the Calor Gas Village of the Year & Village of the Decade awards. For a leisurly stroll allow a couple of hours. The walk will take you on a lovely circular route, down through the blue bell woods by the river Loveney. Up and over ‘Hilltop’ with its ancient Cornish Cross then down into the village. A refreshment at the London Inn or Village Institute and then back via Goonzion Downs and along the typical Cornish lanes passing the ancient moon stone back to Trevina

The Parish web site has some nice links, in particular a group of local walks which we can thoroughly recommend having done them all many times and you don’t  even have to get in your car.

The local online news magazine gives a listing of what’s coming up within the Village The St Neot News

Local Downs and Moors:

Goonzion Downs: Only a short walk or drive away is this grazed downs with gorse and moorland ponies – lovely en circuit with the village.

Berry Downs: Again only a short walk Berry Downs can be seen from Trevina and once up there you get wonderful views across the countryside. There is also the banks of the ancient hillfort Berry Down Castle – have a look at our History Page for more details.

Colliford Lake & Dozmary Pool: Another lovely walk is up Hobbs Hill behind Trevina to the typical Cornish Moors and Colliford Lake and Dozmary Pool where legend has it Sir Bedivere cast the bloodied Excalibur back into its still water.

Carnglaze Caverns An utterly amazing live music venue underground in the local slate carverns! When visiting a must check to see if there is a live gig on. If not, an interesting couple of hours touring the caverns and in their gardens amongst the still faeries, or the troglodytes underground…watch out for Smeagal.

Northwood Gardens & Gallery only open Sundays & Mondays till September, but as garden & art lovers we think its worth a trip. (Closed for 2012 “for well earned rest”)

Golitha Falls A truly wonderful walk by the tumbling gurgling river in the deep wooded valley, and its free to park, walk & have a pee. The drive there along the back lanes, is my idea of what a country lane should be. On an early  morning trip with a friend we saw an Ocelot trotting along the lane between Wenmouth Cross & Draynes, a little Beast of Bodmin Moor. Other friends in May 2011 travelling the same route in their Range Rover had the height to spy over the hedgerows and saw a BIG black cat….the real beastie?

Minnions – The Hurlers and all things ancient At the limit of a 15 minute drive  up on the Eastern side of Bodmin moor. Stone Circles, brisk walk across the moor to the  Cheeswring, weird geological feature. Pub lunch at the Cheesering Hotel in the Minions. Between the Minions and Golitha falls don’t miss King Doniert’s Stone . A five minute diversion takes in Trethevy Quoit. Now that’s the antiquities done, beach anyone?

Duloe Stone Circle I prefer the much smaller Duloe Stone Circle to the Hurlers, set in a high hedged field with views across the rolling S Cornish countryside there is still something spiritual about the place. There is an interesting ‘dragon’ font in Duloe Church just across the lane. On the way back stop at ‘Olden Times’ in Dobwalls….a selection of really nice antiques & Bric-a-brac that does  not require maxing the plastic to purchase.

Trago Mills Local wags call Trago Cornwall’s answer to Harrods. We have friends who make a day at Trago the centerpiece of their trip to Cornwall. A very quirky rambling place selling clothes, shoes, workshop stuff, books, bedding, carpets, the kitchen sink… all exceptionally good value… If you’re desperate for a pasty, chips or retail therapy it is very close.

For more attractions that we fully recommend check out our Cornwall Guide Blog Posts.


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